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CedarSoft Wood Fiber

CedarSoft Wood Fiber is certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). CedarSoft Wood Fiber is made from 100% unused, clean fence material.  CedarSoft is free of bark, leaves, twigs, debris, nails, and staples.  This substantially increases its resistance to deterioration.

We offer several options for delivery or pick up of your material:

            Bulk Delivery or bulk loading for pick-up

            Delivery of one yard bags or pick up of one yard bags

IPEMA certifies Engineered Wood Fiber for impact attenuation, to be free of nails, staples, and hazardous metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic, and to be ground properly so that he product will knit together to meet federal accessibility laws (F2075 test method for EWF).  You can see if your EWF is certified by going to  There is no 3rd part certification program for accessibility testing so ask your vendor for test results showing that their product has been tested for accessibility per ASTM F1951.  Make certain the testing is current.

Proper installation of CedarSoft Wood Fiber is vital.  Please take a moment to read our installation instructions HERE.

We also offer uncertified wood fiber made from used fence boards.  This product is good as a ground cover to control weeds.  It is long lasting since it is made from 100% wood fence material.  

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